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About My Collection

Welcome to Undercurrent Cartoons.  I'm so glad you stopped by.  My collection of drawings are meant to illuminate and inspire you, refresh your mood, perhaps even rocket your imagination. After you have paused and had a "simple pleasure" moment, when it is time to part ways, feel free to leave an e-mail, as I'd love to hear from you.
I create hand drawn illustrations and cartoons on paper, using fine ink pen and magic marker. I began my journey some years ago under a different name, and then decided that it is the "undercurrent" that really fuels us, allows us to express the multi-layers of story and substance that lies beneath our most obvious barrier.  Art can give us a glimpse of ourselves connected with every human; now and forever. It offers us a degree of recognition, a place to share our conceptual, creative impulses. 

I hope your brain cells have a good time here at my site.
If they are hearing their own kind of music, let them continue to dance. May this sweet spot be a rejuvenating niche for you. And finally, never underestimate the force and the influence of the undercurrent. After all, what are you willing to fully live for?



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